Dining with us...
Eating well
Many of our most treasured memories are often tied up with food.
We know that eating the right nutritious food and keeping hydrated is essential to health.  As many of our most treasured memories are often tied up with food, eating well can also be a trigger and a source of comfort and enjoyment.  Our team of chefs devise menus of freshly prepared, considered meals to support the physical and well-being of our residents.  They source, fresh local produce and take inspiration from the seasons. Tyndale House has a team of highly skilled chefs, led by our Executive Chef, Mathieu Eke.  With an exciting daily menu, we know our residents will be spoilt for choice.  Food and dining play such an important factor, for nutrition but also for the social aspect it brings and in many cases is seen as the highlight of the day.

Some of our residents choose to eat in their rooms, but most like to eat in our dining room where they will be served their selected meals and can discuss the day and share any exciting events or activities they took part in.  A great way to make new friends. In case you get hungry in between breakfast, lunch and dinner, morning coffee and cakes and afternoon tea are served and snacks (especially our renowned home-made biscuits) are always available with plenty of drinks to choose from. Our doors are open to family and friends of residents and we encourage them to share our dining experience.  Book a tour and come and taste for yourselves our exceptional food, whether for you, a family member or someone you know looking to move into care.

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